St. Mary's College Harmony Day Exhibiton

On the 21st of March our school is having an open day. The two, Year Six classes will be organising an exhibition to showcase music, art, history, religion and culture with the Harmony Day theme; “Everyone Belongs”. We will be inviting members of our school community to be involved in a variety of ways: Set up a display of items from their culture, tell a personal story or perform a song/dance at a celebration evening, prepare food etc.

Our students will be involved in small groups creating presentations, work to display, historical information, conducting interviews, event organization, performance etc. We are hoping to have involvement from different departments within our school such as Art, Music, Woodwork, Languages.

We will also be inviting Father Shami who is the representative in the Catholic Church for the refugee community.

This will be our first Harmony Day event and we are very excited about connecting with the community in a positive and harmonious way.

Event Details

Event Date 21-03-2017 9:00 am
Event End Date 21-03-2017 3:00 pm
Location St. Mary's Cathedral

Location Map

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